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I'm a web developer based out of Nashville, TN working mainly on the back end with PHP, although I have experience across the front and back end.

Most of my projects are creating custom plugins for WordPress-based sites to integrate them with external services such as CRMs like Salesforce, and mailing programs like MailChimp or MyEmma. If it has an API, I can work with it.

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Searching BuddyPress users by xProfile fields

Doing some work to find a solution to allow searching BP members by their xProfile fields, and a dump of the BP_User_Query showed something interesting: ( [type] => active [per_page] => 20 [page] => 1 [user_id] => 0 [search_terms] => [search_wildcard] => both [include] => [exclude] => [user_ids] => [member_type] => [meta_key] => [meta_value] => […]

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Setting up tests for WordPress plugins

There are several resources online for setting up tests for WordPress plugins, but they all leave out some steps that I think are going to be common for developers wanting to test their plugins. I set up my own unit tests the other day and ran into a few roadblocks – here’s how I got […]

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SSH, SFTP and Transmit

Quick tip I found out today. If you have a server that you can SSH to using a private key, you don’t have to put all that information in Transmit again. Simply set up your SSH config file like you normally would, and then use the HostName you declared in the config in the “server” […]

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